Africa Hall of Fame

Internet Society Hall of Fame

Adiel Akplogan

Instrumental in increasing Internet network penetration across Africa, where he’s considered one of the continent’s Internet pioneers. 

Award Winner in 2019

Dr. Suguru Yamaguchi

Cybersecurity research pioneer, Suguru Yamaguchi played an integral role in increasing the security of the Internet in Asia and around the world.  

Award Winner in 2019

Dorcas Muthoni

Dorcas Muthoni, an entrepreneur and computer scientist, is the CEO and founder of OPENWORLD LTD.

Award Winner in 2014

Steve Huter

Steve Huter is the Director for the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) and a Research Associate at the University of Oregon.  

Award Winner in 2014

Dr Nii Quaynor

A pioneer of Internet development and expansion throughout Africa for nearly two decades. He also was the founding chairman of AfriNIC. 

Award Winner in 2013

Randy Bush

Founder of the Network Startup Resource Center, a pro bono effort to develop and deploy networking technology in projects throughout the world.

Award Winner in 2012

Kilnam Chon

Professor Chon contributed to the Internet’s growth in Asia through his extensive work in advancing Internet initiatives, research, and development

Award Winner in 2012

Jon Postel Award Winners

Dr Nii Quaynor

Award Winner in 2007

Kilnam Chon

Award Winner in 2011

Pierre Ouedraogo

Award Winner in 2012

Alain Aina

Alain Aina

Award Winner in 2019

Awards & Recognitions

ICANN Multistakeholder Ethos Award Winner

Nii Quaynor

2015, ICANN 53, Buenos Aires


Internet Africa News Award

Jean Marie Noagbodji

President and CEO of Café Informatique & Telecommunication, TOGO

The inaugural Internet Africa News Award goes to Jean-Marie Noagbodji, known as the Internet’s founding father in Togo.  He took the task to connect Togo to the Internet after a trip in the US in 1990 and forged a generation of African Pioneers. His company also managed the .tg .

Dr. Tarek Kamel Award for Capacity Building

Ramanou Biaou

19 October 2020, Los Angeles


NI&I Achievers Awards

NI&I Award

2009     Adiel Akplogan
2010     Anne-Rachel Inne
2011     Alice Munuya
2012     Alain Aina
NI&I Young Professional Award
2009     Mark Tinka
2010     Michuki Mwangi
2011     Jean-Robert Hountomey

AfricaCERT Meritorious Service Award

June 2016

JPCERT Coordination Center
Dr. Suguru Yamaguchi (posthumously)
Koichiro Komiyama 
Dr Kilnam Chon

Read about AfricaCERT Meritorious Service Award

Interesting read from JPCERT/CC


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